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Digital Mood Board

One of the best ways to get a sense of how a room will feel once completed is through a digital mood board. Seeing colors, patterns, and specific items together in one place is far better than imagining them bit-by-bit out of context. That’s why I recommend making it a part of your interior design process.


During our initial consultation, I’ll learn about your personality and style, all the while piecing together ideas in my head that I can translate into your mood board later. If you choose to include the digital mood board interior design package in your project, it includes:


  • A digital mood board complete with color schemes, specific furnishings, and all recommendations necessary to finishing your space
  • Recommendations for developing a more personalized feeling in your interior
  • A shopping list with local and online resources that will help you complete your room


I also recommend the interior design and styling services package after your design board items are acquired. I’ll come and work my magic, seamlessly blending old and new decor to become a stylish reflection of you!

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